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IMMINENT PROJECTS is a creative design studio, who offers design in general, customemade clothing, production & Interior design. Our past is founded in the fashion design & B2B industry - today we work closely together with our clients to create memorable designs and results. Based on strong insights we offer design of customemade clothing & items, production, & interior design ect. We believe in sustainable ideas and solutions and try to implement these to most of the work that we create. A creative idea will let you activate in many possible ways. Learn more about who we are, what we have done for our clients, and how we hopefully can help you/your company.




What you get


She is an educated fashion designer with many years of experience from the fashion industry. Among her merits, you will find styles designed for the Danish fashion house SAND as well as Yonex, the sport brand. And the latest 15 year have been founder and co- partner at polka dots. Twice a year she is found an external censor at the Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design, Gitte is good at project management with a systematic approach that is translated in the design management of creative thoughts and artistic lines.

We are also KARMA KOPENHAGEN who is Tusnelda Bloch & Gitte Søgaard. Our mission is to fill the world with creative spirit & soul. We are engaging in the world. Our LOVE of goods materials is part of our design inheritance - a legacy we take very seriously. We have more than 25 years of experience in fashion design, production, design of custome-made clothing for businesses. We are thorough. We are meticulous. And we make an effort  We make design that suit you – in more than one sense. Our many years of experience have given us a solid network of hand-picked manufacturers who are familiar with our eye for detail, our infectious perfectionism and our unrelenting focus on quality. And we treat them all with respect  - off course.



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Søndervej 55, 2830 Virum